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1111 W. Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach FL 32168
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Ten things to know before repairing your car -
We at Bishop's work for you, not the insurance company.

  • Your vehicle is the second largest investment you are likely to make. Preserve its value and your safety by having it repaired professionally.

  • Never drive a vehicle that may be unsafe because of damages.

  • Some insurance companies may ask you to vist their drive-in claims center before having your vehicle repaired. You may do this , or leave your vehicle at our shop and ask that the insurance company inspects the vehicle at our facility.

  • There is no law requiring you to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal.

  • You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company can not require you to go to a particular shop.

  • Differences in repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include all necessary work. If you're not sure why one estimate is different from another, please ask us to explain.

  • Choose a shop that has Unibody Repair Equipment and certified technicians, for example I-CAR or ASE certifications.

  • If your insurance representative tries to "steer" or force you to one of their facilities, be warned, your vehicle may not be repaired to factory standards often voiding warranties and tarnishing your vehicle's resale value. This occurs because many insurance companies insist on using low price alternatives when repairing your vehicle. For example, just because your vehicle needs a new part does not mean the insurance company will replace it with what is known as a new OEM part. OEM stands for Original Equipment from the Manufacturer. This means an OEM part comes directly from your vehicle's manufacturer.

  • Unknown to most consumers, there are many low cost part alternatives that the insurance industry likes using in order to save themselves money. Unfortunately, you as the customer are stuck with a poor quality part that does not work or fit properly on your vehicle. Make sure you ask your representative what kind of parts are being used on your vehicle's repair.

  • Regardless of how the insurance company wants to repair your vehicle,Bishop's will join in your fight to repair it the correct way. Our knowledgeable staff can help with often confusing insurance paperwork. 

From the scene of the accident to the finished restoration Bishop’s Body Shop & Wrecker Service can help ease you through all phases, from working with your insurance company, to making sure you have transportation  . Roy & Glen Bishop  are hands-on owners so when you have a problem you can resolve it on the spot at once. You can trust Bishop's . People have been relying on them since the beginning in 1971.

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